12 mayo 2009


A nice way of learning English is by reading classic fairy tales. The structure of a fairy tale is well-defined: a beginning, a body and an end.

Here we have some well-known fairy tales: click on the link and you will listen to them while reading, so you will be practising reading and listening skills. Enjoy them!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Ricitos de oros y los tres osos).

Little Red Riding Hood 1 (Caperucita Roja): multimedia, worksheets, audio.... (British Council)
Little Red Riding Hood 2 : Bilingual, audio, video... (Cuentos en inglés)

The Pied of Hamelin 1 (El flautista de Hamelin): audio,flash (Use it!)
Puss in Boots (El gato con botas): story (Cuentos en inglés)

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